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Nexon Medical Suppliers Pty Ltd is an established business specializing in distributing & Supplying, Medical Equipments/products to the professional user across South Africa and other parts of the world. The Company offers quality brands backed by the highest standards of customer service. Established over 5 years ago as Nexon rebranded in 2015. Nexon Medical Suppliers Pty Ltd remains an independent company with a strong business ethic. Yes, we supply products!  BUT we know our customers’ needs.  We focus on providing the complete solution including training, budget management tools, advanced reporting, technical support, our own delivery services and much more!

Each new customer is a fresh challenge for us, we work on bespoke solutions for all our clients to help them with the current challenges they face. Our flexible and creative approach enables us to provide a high standard of service; this is backed by our knowledge, advice and technical support.

Leading with innovation, serving with passion

We are focused on continual business improvement, providing added value to everyone including our customers, employees and suppliers. Customer service and loyalty has been at the heart of our family business since the outset. If you haven't got in touch yet then we say, 'Welcome, we're looking forward to hearing from you.'

Our Vision

A vibrant enthusiastic team of dynamic individuals possessing the genuine interest in the needs of those surrounding them, whose attitude and actions benefit not only our clients and their patients but reach out to touch humanity. Our staff find work rewarding and enjoyable and our customers find engagement with them fulfilling. Stakeholders are satisfied and supportive.

A carefully selected portfolio of solid reliable products is sourced from a long lineup of manufacturer’s worldwide seeking well supported representation throughout the country. Growth is sustained by the energy of a service division unequalled for its reliability, dependability and efficiency. It will be capable of a four hour response time anywhere on this vast continent. Relationships formed will endure.

Why Nexon Medical Suppliers?

In today's healthcare environment, healthcare organizations need to provide effective and cost-efficient patient care. Nexon Medical Suppliers is an effective healthcare distribution company which specializes in innovative cost-effective medical supplies and medical equipment to the healthcare market sector. As consistently client focused, we support all our clients in their position of providing excellent healthcare services through our global brands and the global business practices that we practice daily.

Our exclusive solutions, quality products and over five years of experience enable us to improve efficiency and enhance the quality of patient care around the globe.

The well proven, cutting edge supply chain service we provide accelerates efficiency at every level. We are large enough to meet your requirements, yet small enough to offer creative approaches, flexibility and rapid response to resolve the challenges you face every day.






About Us

Nexon Medical Suppliers Pty Ltd specializes in sales, installations and maintenance of medical equipment.

Contact Info


  Physical Address: 37 Mahogany Road, Pinetown, Durban, South Africa 3608
  Postal Address: P.O.Box 3021, Durban, 4000
  Tel: +27 31 828 2434 | Sales Manager  078 072 2399
  Durban Enquiries: sales@nexonmedicalsuppliers.co.za