Why use Nexon Medical Suppliers for Service and Maintenance?

All our technicians are experienced in the field of clinical engineering as well as installation and repairs and maintenance of the following types of equipment:

Preventative Maintenance

Nexon Medical Suppliers performs biannual safety checks of critical equipment carried out according to the original manufacturers specifications performed at regular intervals scheduled at a mutually convenient time. A "fit for service" report detailing any essentials repairs that may be required is furnished at the completion of each visit.

Remedial repairs

From time to time repairs are required that have been identified during the course of an assessment or regular service program. These will mostly be carried out on site.

Breakdown repairs

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown a Nexon service technician attends your facility to identify and rectify the fault. The technician liaises with the appropriate manager to assess the seriousness of the outage and whether a hire unit is required.

Custom modifications and adoptions

Where special requirements are essential to meet professional demands our qualified technicians will customize any equipment to individual specifications.

Specialized transportation and equipment relocation

We will provide your valuable equipment with the utmost care that is needed with our tail-lift transport vehicles and unique loading crates. Nexon Medical Suppliers will also disconnect, relocate and reconnect any item of equipment including the provision of secure storage facilities if required.

Repair and remanufacturing facility

Nexon Medical Suppliers’ purpose built repair and remanufacturing premises are designed to perform tasks that cannot be undertaken at the healthcare facility without causing risk to staff and interruption to normal operation.

The facility contains precision machining equipment, materials handling, specialized testing and certification equipment, raw materials and componentry and extensive inventory of replacement parts.

The safe ergonomic workplace ensures efficient processing of equipment ensuring a quality job and minimal downtime on rebuilding projects

The Nexon Medical Suppliers revive program/ Warranty

The Nexon Medical Suppliers revive program is not only cosmetic. Every part is examined and repaired or replaced as required. No part is overlooked. And to demonstrate our confidence in the workmanship we extend, in most cases, a better than new two year warranty on all parts and labour. What's more, service work is carried out by our own technicians.

Optionally we offer a premium five year warranty/maintenance plan for all equipment that has been the subject of the Hipac revive program.

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Nexon Medical Suppliers Pty Ltd specializes in sales, installations and maintenance of medical equipment.

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